3-D Rendering Services

B.I.M. (Building Information Modeling) has become a hot topic in the building industry in the past couple of years. BIM can mean a lot of things to different people in our industry. At Michael Brady Inc, we like to look at BIM as a multifaceted tool.

This tool provides you with:

  1. Visualization – This helps us quickly and easily provide our clients with images that help convey our design intent.  In this, we are able to quickly and more effectively give you the project you are hoping for.
  2. Coordination – We are able to better coordinate our projects using the 3D models and running processes such as clash detection in Navisworks, to produce a set of documents with far fewer “Construction Surprises”.  This helps keep projects on time and within budget.
  3. Cost Estimates – At MBI we strive to make sure we are delivering you with the best project for the best cost.  Using BIM early on in the process we are able to keep track where we are in the budget more accurately and quickly make design decisions that will affect your bottom line.
  4. Green Design – We are able to put thermal values into each of our modeled elements using Revit.  In doing this we are then able to do solar studies and run energy analysis tools to make sure we provide you with a more green building.

MBI’s BIM History
In 2005, we started looking for new tools to help better coordinate our drawings and save time during the design and documentation phases of our projects.   We chose Autodesk’s Revit, as our preferred tool to deliver our BIM products.

In 2008-2010 members of our staff were asked to speak at A.S.P.E. (American Society of Plumbing Engineers), as well as a speaker on one of Autodesk’s official training webinar.

In 2010, our CIO Marvin Titlow was asked to co-author Autodesk’s official training guide “Mastering Autodesk Revit MEP 2011” for Wiley publishing.

Since we began our journey using Revit as our BIM solution, we have been contacted from all over the country as experts to lend our services to several large scale projects.  These include projects such as modeling and coordination for an Airport in California and a Theme Park in Florida.  We have adopted BIM as a standard of care for all of our projects, big or small.  This helps us maintain a high level deliverable at no additional cost to all of our clients.