Prospect Elementary School – Blount County, Tennessee


Project Information

Prospect Elementary is a new 700-core capacity school with an initial student capacity of 520 with design focus on its integrated special education program. MBI’s design allowed for a tornado shelter per FEMA regulations which was incorporated within the school at a minimal cost.

Prospect Elementary achieved the EnergyStar rating by incorporating the greenest technologies available into the design. The insulation was increased to exceed required values. The HVAC system utilizes geothermal heat pumps with one dedicated to each classroom. A centralized outside air system is used to pre-treat the ventilation air to the classrooms and to control humidity levels which will prevent mold growth. Energy Efficient fluorescent lighting controlled by occupancy sensors were installed in the classrooms and LED lighting was used in hallways and hard to maintain/service areas. Each classroom has 84 square feet of windows allowing natural light to filter in. Classrooms have their own mechanical units located in a maintenance mezzanine, allowing for more classroom square footage and easy access for maintenance without disturbing the class. A full size gymnasium, including a stage that opens to both the cafeteria and gymnasium for dual functions, contains bleachers on both sides with locker rooms and coaches offices.

Once classes have begun; any unauthorized entrance into the building can only be through the administrative reception area. The layout allows for monitoring of all common corridors from two locations. Prospect Elementary has an administrative core with offices, including guidance offices, as well as conference rooms, and a clinic. There are multiple teacher work rooms located throughout the school for easy proximity and accessibility.

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