Sovereign Grace Church


Project Information

Sovereign Grace Church in New Jersey was originally designed to be constructed in three building phases, but became a two phase project as the first two were completed at the same time. Phase I was completed in June 2010. During the schematic design phase, an exploration of sustainable concepts was conducted. The following is a listing of the sustainable practices that are being implemented:

  • Soil was not imported from other areas and excavated soil is being used on the site.
  • The HVAC system is an expandable 8300-gallon ice storage system that allows the church to take advantage of “off peak” hours of energy to build up ice for 24 hour cooling loads. It also allows for more flexibility in controls for individual rooms.
  • The steel costs were reduced by there being no HVAC equipment on the roof.
  • The inside was designed using daylight principles, energy efficient lighting and low flow plumbing fixtures.
  • Electrical services were reduced in size by using a central plant rather than traditional equipment on top of the roof.