Executive Management

Eddie Jett, PE, SE
Eddie Jett, PE, SEChief Executive Officer
Louis Cortina, PE
Louis Cortina, PEPresident
Chuck Grant, AIA
Chuck Grant, AIASenior Vice President, Board Member
Bill Steverson, AIA
Bill Steverson, AIAVice President of Architecture, Principal, Board Chairman

Board of Directors

Beth Ann Carter
Beth Ann CarterBoard Secretary, Office Administrator
Erin Harlow, AIA, LEED AP
Erin Harlow, AIA, LEED APPrincipal, Architect, Board Member
John Buchanan, PE
John Buchanan, PEPrincipal, Mechanical Engineer
John Patteson, PLS
John Patteson, PLSPrincipal, Survey Manager, Board Member
Marvin Titlow
Marvin TitlowPrincipal, Chief Information Officer, Board Member
Nick Deal, PE, SE
Nick Deal, PE, SEPrincipal, Structural Engineer, Board Member


Ronny Rahn, AIA
Ronny Rahn, AIAPrincipal, Architect, Chattanooga Office Manager
Joe Ledford, PE
Joe Ledford, PEPrincipal, Industrial Services
Jay Henderlight, AIA
Jay Henderlight, AIAPrincipal, Architect
David Matlock, PE
David Matlock, PEPrincipal, Civil Engineer
Chuck Powell, PE
Chuck Powell, PEPrincipal, Electrical Engineer
Vance Travis, AIA
Vance Travis, AIAPrincipal, Architect
Scott Malenock, AIA
Scott Malenock, AIAPrincipal, Architect, Orlando Office Manager


Tracy Scruggs
Tracy ScruggsAssociate, Interior Design
Darren Antle, PE
Darren Antle, PEAssociate, Sign Engineer